Friday, 26 November 2010

anatomy sketchs


head stdies

more hand studies

i wanted the hand quite i dentical to the feet it is only experimentation but i do like the look of the hands. i will most probably keep them this way.

hand studies

hand bone structure

hand muscle structure

deeper hand muscle structure.

foot study

i have decided strip the anatomy right down to actually interpret how the foot works and what muscles are in it. i coulnt find many anatomy pictures for chameleons but i have decided on a foot shape.


I found this task surprisingly easy. I had a little trouble with the lighting though. I wanted to make the dots a slight bit smaller but i think it looked okay in the end. I made them slighty see through which im happy about.

Chameleon research

i have found that male panther chameleons tend to be more brightly and vivid colored where as the females are dull earthy tones. they also have a bone under there tongue that projects the end of the tounge to their prey. this will come in handy when drawing and deciding which colours to choose for a skin.