Friday, 22 October 2010

The Fly (1986) review

The Fly (1986)

After watching the 1958 original of the film The fly I had strong expectations for the remake. This film exceeded all of them. The director David Cronenberg really did capture the horror of the concept perfectly. I can honestly say that special effects surprised and impressed me. I was not expecting the film to be so graphic but I does make sense considering the essence of the film.

The transformation from actor Jeff Goldblum to monstrous crime against nature the fly was portrayed well, showing the transition through physical and mental side effects. The animalistic characteristics slowly consuming the our main character very suggestive in consideration to the deep desires of human beings, making one wonder how different we are to animals. The professor gaining the power to what he likes because of the fly’s attributes shows he is not completely distraught with his transformation. The most convincing aspect is that he never once tried to reverse the procedure or look for a “cure”. But who would want a cure for heighted strength agility and performance in bed.

One good thing they have done with film is to not complicate it by giving the outcome of the experiment two halves being the professor with fly’s head and the fly with the professor’s head. This doesn’t make the film sidetrack with the searching for the professor. Also keeping one leading role. The female in this also showed the gravity this horrid transformation by running into the arms of one she originally disliked.

I liked this film it really showed the detail in anatomy and a creative outcome for this Professor and fly splice. Im also happy to know that teleportation will be disastrous with a fly on our shoulder.


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