Friday, 22 October 2010

The fly 1958 (review)

The Fly (1958)

My first thoughts before watching this film were that it was going to be a typical film from the 1958 being black and white, long winded and interest free. These thoughts were verified after watching 20 minutes of the film. After accepting the film was dated in all aspects, my view began to change.

This Is very creative showing the kind of flaws that a human mind would not think of considering teleportation. The very idea of teleportation is an intriguing concept and I for one would never have thought that it could actually lead to mutation. The acting in the film for its time is impressive and Vincent price playing role of the uncle is the cherry on top.

I also liked the role of the wife as she is the one taking up most of the screen time. Her role is incredibly important to understand the sheer gravity of what se has had to and how the film could end with in the worst case scenario. Although this films special effects may be dated it still impresses me on how they efforts have made things look the way one would imagine.

My favourite scene had to be when he is actually found on the web about to get consumed by what we would think a harmless spider.

In my own opinion he could have been saved but in the end in the it makes me laugh how everything worked okay for the uncle. The thing I disliked in the film was also the thing I liked the most and that is the way they try to censor the film into having a happy ending when it is not at all a happy ending. In the end I have to say I enjoyed The fly (1958).  


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